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Mobile Game BloXout

Mobile Game BloXout

Mobile Game BloXout

The X-Site team has developed a game for mobile handheld-devices. The game is now available as an App in the Google Play Store for Android and in the iTunes Store for Apple’s iOS.

What`s the game about?

The goal is to get the mother-ship through the star constellation of our galaxy. Starting at the constellation Zentur, the player has to get through 11 levels and 70 stages to finally succeed at the river Eridanus. Experienced players can succeed in 4 hours. But the average player realistically needs a lot more time. Skills, reactivity and patience are the key to success in this game. The levels have a good mixture of fun, frustration and ambitiousness.

News and updates about Bloxout can be found on Twitter and Facebook

Have fun.

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