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X-RAY Seasons’ greetings & warm thank you all

X-RAY Seasons’ greetings & warm thank you all

The richer we have become materially, the poorer we become morally and spiritually. We have learned to fly in the air like birds and swim in the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

This year, X-RAY is bringing its leitmotiv „H2H“, Human to Human“ to life. From a simple discussion, a collaborative project is born, gathering individuals, colleagues, friends, but also larger organizations around one action, one inspiration: pure sharing and donating.

A lot of you took part to this, without expecting anything in return (not even free advertising ☺ ), and this is the beauty of it.

X-RAY are sharing and distributing your donations in the cities of Basel and Mulhouse today 21.12. to our homeless friends. A lot of similar initiatives have recently emerged, where you and us, the people, come together to be there for one another. Witnessing this surge of solidarity is the most profound inspiration for us and key moment of this year ending.

We would like to thank you all for your great gesture and humanity:

  • The Grellinger family for the crunchy fresh bread and the delicious X-Mas sweets
  • Décathlon Kingersheim for the sleeping bags
  • Weleda France for the natural cosmetic products
  • Miles Lebber for the succulent soup
  • François and Sophie Wernette for the warm and special hundreds of handgloves
  • The children of ABCM bi-lingual school in Lutterbach for their sweet drawings and greeting cards
  • Our friends and colleagues for the thermos, the woolen hats, the winter socks, the dogs and cats food, the warm clothes, etc.!


We wish you all a happy festive season and are looking forward to our next collaborative H2H project in 2018!


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