Shitty Gifts initiative raises laughs and money to build life-saving toilets

Ever had (or given) a present that’s a bit crap? Sanitation First — a charity that builds EcoSan toilets for communities in need — is using this experience, and a bit of toilet humour, to raise awareness and funds for its life-saving projects.


The Shitty Gifts website invites people to send friends and loved ones an e-card with a funny illustration and message and make a small donation to Sanitation First.

The e-cards were designed by artists from 10 different countries for a range of occasions — birthdays, season’s greetings, and there is even a category called Crappy Verses for some pooetic inspiration. was launched today on World Toilet Day, 19 November.


Although the aim is to raise a smile, there’s a serious reason behind it:

  • 2.4 billion people worldwide do not have use of a toilet
  • Every year, 1.8 million children die from diarrhoea, mainly due to contaminated drinking water. That’s 1,000 children a day. One child every 2 minutes
  • Lack of toilets directly impacts health and education, and perpetuates the cycle of poverty


Access to a toilet should not be a gift —  it’s a basic human right. Shitty Gifts is a chance for people to show they give a shit about safe sanitation.


Shitty Gifts is a concept originated and executed by global health creative network The BlocPartners with the support of other pro bono contributors, including Cab Social and renowned artists represented by Levine/Leavitt.


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shitty gifts

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