H2H Human to Human Communications

At X-Ray Crossmedia Communications we strive to be a leading Swiss, creative, health- and industry/technology focused communications agency.
Like a well-tuned engine, we offer that communications horsepower when you need it. There are three reactions to an agency: ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Wow’. We always aim for the ‘Wow’. We will clarify your communication goals, map the target group, define their drivers and create the H2H (Human to Human) campaign to reach the core of your target audience.

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Alongside our broad cross-media marketing solutions, we also offer our in-depth strategic communication services. Simply add our business unit horsepower when you need it to develop and leverage your brand. 

Sometimes, good strategy asks for the ability and willingness to say no in order to find new paths and challenge existing structures. There might be moments where we become a communications sparring partner, but for our customers, we will always go that extra mile.

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