Without a strategy, tactics are often just noise followed by silence.

In marketing, the only constant is change. A good strategy must rely on hard proof and experience but also be adaptive and flexible.

At X-Ray, our team of pharma-marketing specialists can either independently establish or support you in identifying your market drivers, market segments and target audience. We lead workshops to create your strategic imperatives, and objectives. We can help you understand your customers and their unmet needs. Our creative yet comprehensive strategies will highlight your competitive advantages by creating compelling brand messages. 

Data Analytics

Big data only becomes valuable data when transformed and understood

We transform your data: whether you are working with big data providers such as IQVIA, Veeva and IBM, or have access to internal raw data, we visualise and understand it to deduct important learnings for you.


Understand the brain before doing heavy brainwork.

We ensure that our strategies, messages, and visuals resonate with the part of your customers’ brain, depending on your communication’s objectives.

Did you know that 95% of our thoughts and decisions come from our subconscious? Our experts deep dive into how you can brainfluence your messages to maximize your customer’s behaviour.

Humans are emotional beings that rationalize things.  We help you develop a campaign that will deeply trigger the emotions of your customer to optimize their engagement. 

You have on average 10 seconds to impress your website visitor. Where is the best place for your call-to action button? We apply neuroscience marketing to your digital (and print) assets to increase your conversion rate, opt-in and re-engagement potential.

Omnichannel Marketing

X-Ray AG, your HCP Omnichannel Experience Partner

Emerging in B2C online retail, B2B content marketing, driven by technological innovations in search and automation, Omnichannel reflects our new marketing reality. Regardless of industry we are competing in an information economy for the scarce attention of hyper- connected audiences. Even if in healthcare circles our context is more complex and our customer interaction data less centralised, we can still put energy into designing for our customer groups more seamless experiences across all channels relevant to their journey through our marketing funnel, physical and digital. However, delivering omnichannel engagement requires strong teamwork and an agile working process from the outset. X-Ray can help power your omnichannel approach.

Omnichannel Marketing Infographic

Omnichannel marketing merges multiple channels simultaneously, always putting the customer at the centre.

All sales channels are aligned to create a cross-channel brand experience providing the customer with significant information in real time.

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