Review and approval

Regulation needs to catch up with innovation.

We take the MLR review off your shoulders.

When we create content at X-RAY, we take on the responsibility to reference every statement. The time spent doing it right the first time is nothing compared to the time that can be wasted later trying to explain why things went wrong. Moreover, X-RAY can flexibly support you as needed throughout your MLR review process.

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X-RAY is a Full-Service VEEVA Content Partner in Switzerland.

Vault Content Partner

Our Medical and Consultant Team contains individuals certified and/or trained to support our healthcare clients with creating and managing their content in Veeva Vault PromoMats, including asset upload and referencing, review and approval support and digital asset management.


Meet the Expert

Diana Heimberg

Medical Lead

25+ years


is a

Master in applying science and has her own private practice in Neurofeedback


cute dog

“... to help, to heal, to educate people; the ultimate challenge."

Phone: +41 61 336 90 60

Multichannel Content Partner

Our Digital Team contains individuals certified and/or trained to create content for Multichannel Veeva CRM, including CLM, Engage Meeting, Approved Email, Engage for Portals.

Meet the Expert

Phone: +41 61 336 90 60
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Vincent Parisot

Head of IT

10+ years


Scrum Master

Certified by scruminc.

500 000+

lines of code

“When in doubt, reboot!”

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