You can fake a lot in business but

never “experience”!

Our Specialised Business Areas

    Strategic Framework

    • Marketing Landscape
    • Insights Mapping
    • Competitive Overview
    • SWOT Analysis

    Launch Strategy Concept

    • Brand Strategy
    • Integrated Communication Planning
    • Brand Development
    • Message Development and Core Claims

    Brand Implementation/

    • Global Launch Campaign and Activities
    • Congress Participation
    • Launch/Standalone Meetings
    • Internal Communications

    Crossmedia communications from a single source

    Untaken paths often lead to beautiful destinations

    • Brand Communications

      • Design / Visual Language
        Image, service and product brochures, annual reports, manuals, direct mailings, etc.
      • Communication Campaigns
      • Event Communications
        Event, symposia, congress and tradeshow concepts, booth design, audience engagement and all supporting measures
      • Branding Development
        Logos, word marks, image world and brand campaigns/identities, branding guidelines and brand implementation

    • Digital Communications

      • Web Solutions and Online Marketing
        Product websites, corporate websites, campaign websites, Intranet, search engine optimisation, e-newsletter
      • Interactive Sales Support
        Product presentations, company presentations, apps
      • Interactive Audience Engagement at Events
        Interactive touch and content solutions
      • Motion Graphics and 3D Animation
        Mode of action movies, videography, cinematography, trade fair and congress animation, 3D CGI
      • Multimedia Solutions
        Games, quizzes
      • Web and Mobile Solutions
        Online databanks, online questionnaires, shops, individual programming, iApps, mobile websites, web apps
      • E-Learning
        Interactive applications, computer-supported learning, e-learning
      • Social Media
        Communities, Facebook, Twitter, online advertising, etc.

    Extracting key insights to drive the communication programme


    Clarify the communication goals

    The scope of the discovery process varies according to clearly stated communication goals and objectives


    Framing insights and Challenges

    Distil key insights that represent the core of the audience needs and leverage these to support the development of actionable solutions


    Mapping the audience

    Explore the commonalities and differences among the target audiences. Design the discovery process with key customers in mind to ensure maximum extraction of insights


    Understand drivers and needs

    Engage with target audiences to understand values, needs and motivators that allow you to predict behaviours and responses to future initiatives

    There is only one real growth strategy.
    Work hard!
    Play Hard!
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