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H2H Human to Human Communications

We Reach. Engage. Inspire. At X-Ray Cross-media Communications we strive to be a leading Swiss, creative, health- and industry/technology focused communications agency. Like a well-tuned engine, we offer that communications horsepower when you need it. There are three reactions to an agency: ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Wow’. We always aim for the Wow. 

Many channels, one conversation.

Brand Communications


Remi scaled
Rémi de Carmantrand

Art Director

Markus scaled
Markus Lüthi

Founder / Management / Agency Head

Christoph G scaled
Christoph Göttel

Management / Creative Head

Nicole scaled
Nicole Lüthi

HR / Administration

Petra scaled
Petra Lutz

Senior Account Manager / Quality Manager

Vince scaled
Vincent Parisot

Head of IT / Programming

Margaux scaled
Margaux Niglis

Senior Account Manager

Florine scaled
Florine Millaire

Graphic Designer

Max scaled
Max Jordi

Apprentice (Interactive Media Designer)

Nicolas scaled
Nicolas Schmitt

Graphic Designer

Aurelien scaled
Aurélien Armspach


Francois scaled
François Wernette

Chief Operating Officer / Head of Pharma Marketing / Medical Manager

Diana Heimberg

Medical, Omnichannel and Neuromarketing Expert

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