Because moving images convince
a story emotionally with strong moments.
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Video Production in every detail
Best equipment for best quality

Each message needs a story. If you have something to tell, they will hear you. You can visualize your storyboard and concept with impact. Afterwards we plan the production and organise a location, models and extras. With our high-quality technology, it is possible to take pictures with a brilliant resolution and colour correction in 4K (4x higher than Full HD). The data management ensures a quick transfer in the post-production of the special FX, animations and colour grading to refine the materials.

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Scale of Production


With our experienced team at X-Ray and a great network of industry professionals, we have the ability and knowledge to offer high-class productions – your dreams can be realised and the sky is our limit!

Video PRODUCTION for every budget

We are committed to supporting our customers in all types of video projects. High-class style, independent and edgy or low end impactful, we will offer our filming knowledge in projects that need to be delivered in a short time frames – nothing is impossible.


Product Videos

A great product needs a great video. Hit them with the facts and show the emotions of the product.

Company Profile Videos

What is your company about and what happens inside? A simple corporate video can show the inner side of your company to the outside of the company.

Event Documentation

A film is the perfect instrument to document an employee event, a company event, an excursion, an exhibition or an event.

Lifestyle Videos

Sometimes your product or service just underlines a kind of lifestyle. For this purpose, it is good to show the emotional part of the product or service.

Online Marketing Videos

Use social Media or the internet to push your topic fast forward. These tools can reach a wide audience if they are used in the right way.

Cinema Commercials

Cinema commercials are a mighty tool to get to the end customer.

Instructional Animations

There are specified topics which are hard to understand. We illustrate the complex topic in a way the customer can understand.

Tutorial Videos

If you need to explain your new website or give a tutorial on the possibilities of your new website

Documentary & Interviews

If you like to present your company in form of a documentary or collect interviews of your employees, we have the capabilities to do this.

Our Passion
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